Effect of disinfectants on kinchen furniture and surfaces

In times of the coronavirus, the use of disinfectants has become increasingly popular.

In this context, hand and skin disinfection are the main areas of application.

In addition to this, surface disinfection agents are used. The active substances and ingredients of commercial disinfectants are based on different mechanisms of actions including for example substances and compounds on the basis of alcohol, chlorine, ammonium and phenol.

The use of the disinfectants described above leads to irreparable damages on kitchen furniture and surfaces (e.g. fronts, carcases, support panels) that can manifest themselves in numerous patterns of damage, e.g. discolouration, changes in gloss, swelling, cracking or partial dissolution of the material.

Disinfectants on the basis of alcohol, chlorine, ammonium and phenol are NOT suitable for use in connectionwith kitchen furniture and surfaces.
Based on our care instruction PAL-2020, the cleaning of the surfaces used by us is only possible in combination with mild detergents (dishwashing detergents, partially neutral cleaners). Disinfectants that are used for the disinfection of hands, surfaces or instruments do not belong to the substances listed in the care instruction – therefore, the use of disinfectants on the surfaces employed by us is not permitted.

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