Our kitchens are characterized by their elegant design as well as their durability. We offer avant-garde and modern kitchens carefully adapted to suit both your requirements and your budget.

Keys to acquire an ideal kitchen

Comfort, functionality, style and beauty for your home

At Design Concept Cocinas Marbella we give you the keys to acquire an ideal kitchen which is adapted to meet all your needs, providing maximum comfort and bringing style and beauty to your home. We know that a good kitchen is a companion, a friend and a place to create memorable moments.

The style
We adapt to the trends and requests of our customers who, thanks to our advice, produce unique and functional designs with innovative materials. At Design Concept we have demonstrated that by combining the best handcrafting techniques and the most advanced technologies, a superior quality product is obtained.

Colour and materials
The colour range has been carefully selected by our team to offer maximum design freedom and a variety of possible combinations.

Wood is always a great option for a kitchen, it brings warmth to the room and it has the appeal of a natural material. Many of the wood finishes come from Germany, and are produced following sustainable methods.

Optimization of space, structure.
You can rely on our team of professionals to achieve a comfortable, functional and stylish space. Depending on the space available, we will help you design and structure the modules of your kitchen to optimize space.

The Worktop
Choosing a good Worktop is essential for your kitchen, since it must withstand impacts, high temperatures and much of the daily work that takes place on it. We work with several prestigious firms such as Silestone, Corian, Neolit, Dekton, Lapitec, Laminam, etc. All our Worktops are laser cut, a process which makes joints almost invisible.

Domestic appliances
Choosing the right appliances is essential, since they must be perfectly integrated into the kitchen structure. It is necessary to check that there is proper ventilation and that all their functionalities are working correctly.

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